Forum Title: changing door swing from right to left
The door to my laundry room swings to the right into the room. Ideally I would like to switch it to swing to the left into the room. How difficult is it to do this? thanks, Karen in New Hampshire
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BETTY K (Boston, MA), 01/11/2019

I sounds as if one of your hinges may be set too far in. It doesn't take much to cause the door to swing on its own. With the door in the halfway position, see if it is plumb. With the level still on the door edge, slowly swing the door open and then closed. Note what the bubble does. Also check the plumbness of the door casing as well. I know you installed slabs, but the casing may not have been exactly perfect even with the old door.

- ISAAC SIMON (Alpharetta, GA), 02/23/2019

Chandler, thanks so much for the reply. I think I will go with your simple suggestion! And I can use the old door on top of sawhorses for some workspace in my garage, bonus. :-) Incidentally I can't have the door opening into the other room as part of the reason for wanting to change the swing is to hide the ugly water heater/furnace behind the door when it's open ... switching the door to open into the other room won't solve that. Thanks again! Have learned so much from these forums ... it's fun just to browse & see other people's questions. -Karen in New Hampshire

- ARNOLD SCHWARTZ (Bradenton, FL), 03/02/2019

I have a very similar situation: I want to switch an interior door to the other side of the frame. It would swing the same direction as currently (right), just out of the room instead of into the room. I'm barely more than a novice, but it seems it wouldn't be that hard for me to re-install the hinges and lock strike on the other side of the frame, and then just remove the door from one side and re-attach it to the other side. The frame appears symmetrical, identical on both sides. BIggest work would be chiseling new notches for the hinges. Am I missing something? I definitely want to avoid creating a huge hassle for myself. Thanks in advance!

- ANNE MYERS (Tamarac, FL), 02/14/2019

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