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I read number of posts on this topic including the recent one... My situation is slightly different. The condensation is always in the center of the window (inside) and it is somewhat oval shape. My windows are made by Andersen. ----------------------------- Following is what I found on Andersen site: Oval in center. An oval condensation ring on the interior glass surface is an indicator that interior and exterior panes of glass have collapsed toward each other. You need to repair or replace the window sash or door panel. Please Contact Us to submit a product issue. ---------------------------- Questions: 1) Can some one comment or provide feedback on the fix they are suggesting? 2) What is the best way to find some body competent who can fix this? Thank you for your help in this matter.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: VIOLET STEVENSON (Palmdale, CA), 01/09/2019

Sounds like the issues for both are in the strike plates. Try filing a little bit of those plates on the interior side and see if that doesn't make them work better.

- CLAYTON KLEIN (Gulfport, MS), 02/11/2019

These are original windows that came with the house. They are 17 years old. I am the second owner of the house.

- CHARLES S (Charlotte, NC), 02/04/2019

I'll second what Vic said. Contact Andersen first and see if they will provide the glass. If they won't... keep in mind that any glass company can replace your glass for you.

- MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 02/21/2019

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