Forum Title: Condensation on aluminum skylight frame
Been in this house for the past year. Have 1 large skylight 3' x 8' that sloped parallel to the roof line. Cased through the attic with framing and drywall. Here's the problem..this time of year the aluminum frame collects alot of condensation ( we have a dehumidifier installed) and the condenastion runs down the slope of the aluminum to the lowest end, flows down the drywall and onto the stairs leading to the upper floor. i'm at a loss on how to prevent it, dehumidifier set for 55% for here in the northwest (windows are clear of condensation) I've tried putting vinyl j-molding(drywall) to act as a catch basin between the aluminum flange and the drywall but it is now overflowing....arggg!!!!! I'm not sure I'm goin to be able to stop the moist air anymore than i have therefore must come up with a solution to insulate the aluminum somehow. ideas? thanks
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MARJORIE OBRIEN (St. Cloud, MN), 01/09/2019

Sure could. It wouldn't be very energy efficient, but your door probably isn't anyways. Pick out a size(s), have some glass cut, place and cut-out the desired openings, rip down or find desired stops/moldings to hold glass in door, and finish to match. This will all be much easier if you take the door off the hinges to work on. Good luck.

- EDDIE MENDEZ (Palm Coast, FL), 02/05/2019

xsleeper, I hate the thought of it esthetically (a fan of sorts) but I think your right...need to have air movement.

- STEVEN JACKSON (Columbus, GA), 02/15/2019

55% way to high for the north. Open a window about 1/2 inch for a day or to to get rh down

- BYRON DANIEL (Yucaipa, CA), 02/05/2019

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