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Before I start, I should probably tell you I'm a complete DIY novice and some of my descriptions may not be the most accurate you've ever seen... Anyway, I have a door in my flat (an internal door) that slams shut really quickly and really loudly. It's got one of those things at the top that assists the hinges in opening and makes the door close by itself. I presume this is where the problem is and was wondering if there was an easy solution to sort this out. Any ideas? Anyone understand what I mean from my poor description?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: EDNA RICHARDS (Longview, TX), 01/07/2019

Hi and welcome to the forum! Have you checked the state website? If the exact info you need to know isn't listed, there should be contact info

- Jim Martin (Tulsa, OK), 02/19/2019

If the closer is the type that has a rectangular shaped mechanism with a hinged two peice arm that connects it to the door or door frame then it has at least one and often two adjustment screws that you turn with a screwdriver to adjust how it functions.If there are two screws one usually adjusts the speed of the closer and the other adjusts the braking action so it won't slam.Get a screwdriver and play with them both until it does what you need it to do.

- JUDITH COOPER (Aurora, CO), 02/11/2019

I think the OP may have a fire door hinge closer rather than a cylinder type. Post any markings or post a picture of the closer on a site such as and copy/paste the HTML code in your reply post.

- ASHLEY PETERSON (West Covina, CA), 03/01/2019

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