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I'm working on fixing some old double hung windows (hope i have that term correct) in my bedroom to help with insulation and blah blah blah before winter hits. My first question is... i've pulled off the stoppers so i can pull out the inner sash, and i've pulled off the trim so i have access to the chain/weight system. One of the chains is missing (the weight was laying at the bottom) so should i put in a new one just there, or should i do both sides? Second question... A couple of the old windows in my house have cracked glass (the bathroom window shattered). How easy is it to replace the glass? I'm thinking I can pull the bottom panel of the sash off, pull out the rest of the glass, clear out any caulk or paint, slide in new glass, caulk and go. Is this accurate? Can I use the glass that I can buy at home depot, or should I try and get some sort of tempered glass or something? Third Question... which might be better off in the weather stripping section, but I've been googling weather stripping, because i should definitely install that while I have these windows apart. But i'm not sure exactly how to install the stripping. Does it go on the edge of the sash stop that faces outside? or on the sash? I havent been able to get a clear explaination through google, and I was hoping someone could give me a clear explaination (pictures are awesome) before I tackle that. Thanks everyone... I'm new to this forum and hope I get some great answers. I'm pretty DIY, and i'm planning on putting easy step by step instructions on how to do this when i'm done, since I cant find any when i google it. THANKS!
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If its been there for any length of time, it can be a bear. Many of the builder grade are basically press fit into the frame. Hopefully they didn't put any caulk in the end before sliding it in. You may also have a cover over the bottom track in front of the moving panel if its a reversible door. Don't pull on the frame of the panel, you can pull it away from the insulated glass. Try gently using a pry bar, protecting the track with a block of wood and lifting at the accessable end of the panel, while flat palm pulling on the glass of the panel. Back and forth, up and down will normally break them free. I've never heard of anyone adding inaccessable screws to a door, leaving stuff out, yes, but not adding. Any idea on brand, or where it was purchased?

- PEGGY HENDERSON (Greensboro, NC), 02/27/2019


- RAUL FLEMING (Lee's Summit, MO), 02/06/2019

Better with or without?

- Kevin Anderson (Tampa, FL), 02/05/2019

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